Hydac, Pall, Parker, Hydraulic Filter Elements Manufacturers & Suppliers

Highly Permeable Filter Elements
We have an assortment of filter elements of popular manufacturers Viz, Hydac, Parker and Pall. We also offer filter elements that are employed for wedge-wire, sintered powdered metal, string wound and various other cartridge types. These tools are used for developing and replacing properly functioning elements. Efficient filtration can be accomplished and flow rates can be improved with these elements. Apart from these, our filter elements can be properly cleaned and replaced so that you can save retrofit costs to a great extent. We manufacture filter elements that are capable to optimize filter medium constructions which facilitates distinctive laminating sintering, bonding and diffusion processes, etc.

Our Hydac filter elements make providing utmost physical integrity easier without any corrosion resistance and metallurgical degradation. All our filter elements are known for features like reusable, cleanable, waste cartridge disposal and carrying repeated cartridge replacement off.

Our filter elements specialties

  • Oxidation and Corrosion resistance
  • Wide filtration ranges from 0.5 to 100 micron
  • High durability and strength
  • Easy cleanability
  • Polymers filtration
  • High operating temperature
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Hot gas / dust filtration
  • Chemical process filtration
  • Catalyst recovery
  • Food and baverage production
  • Carbon filtration
  • Gas sparger
  • Versatile materials such as S.S 304L, Hastalloy, SS 316L.

We offer reusable Parker filter elements that are adapted for high pressure and high temperature applications. We generally use sintered powder metal which is further made up of using cold isostatic pressing with the help of compaction course. It offers a super porosity materials, metallically strong and stable shape element. We also have a wide range of Pall filter elements that are demanded for maximum permeability and high dirt holding capacity. Apart from these, these elements are applicable in pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing platforms to a great extent. Contact us whenever you need branded filter elements.

Our Clients

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