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Sewn Radial Fin Filters

Sewn end style filter elements can serve in high temperatures or environments with aggressive chemistry that might otherwise degrade molded end filters.These filters extend the life of vacuums, pneumatic controls, meters, and other pipeline equipment by trapping particulate, absorbing moisture, and preventing contaminants from progressing downstream.Easily Back-washable, Backwash screen is designed to extend the life of the filter element by preventing the textile media from being pushed away from the inner core.These elements have solid steel support rings and welded lift lugs to assist in handling


  • Sewn End Style Radial Fin filter
  • Cylindrical, Double Open End (DOE)
  • With Glass Fibre Rope Gasket
  • Cylindrical, Double Open End (DOE)
  • Can Serve in High Temperature 700 F
  • These elements are constructed entirely from metal and polypropylene media
  • Compatible with your original equipment
  • Manufactured with heavier duty construction


  • Compressed air and gas streams.
  • Air intake filters on blowers, compressors, and pumps
  • Inlet vacuum filters
  • Chemical and reticulated liquid applications including lube oil, plant water, cooling systems.
  • High-temperature applications.
  • Backwashing environments

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