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Finest quality Basket Filters

Being the leading manufacturers of filters and filter parts, we design and manufacture highest quality Basket filters available today. This equipment is used for the economical removal of trace contaminants. Our basket filters are the cost effective answer to a wide variety of liquid clarification needs. Come with a floor-mounted basic filter design and in-line pressure vessel, our basket filter consists of a tubular housing wherein the filter media is backed by a 316 stainless steel basket.

Filter & flow rates

Single filters are provided with separate models with a flow rate of up to 250 gpm while DUO filters include two single filter units attached in parallel to 3-way valves. Double filters are generally valued for the same flow as single filters. This is why one filter unit is valved off-stream in most application when other one is filtering continuously.

Basket filters are available in;

  • Carbon Steel
  • Special alloys
  • Stainless Steel

The carbon steel filters come in 304 & 316 stainless steel feature swing bolt held top cover lift gadget and 150 PSI working pressure rating. Basket filters are used widely to remove debris and foreign particles wherever liquid flow. This equipment provide an extreme means to enhance the liquid quality, safeguard costly equipments like valves, bearings, spray nozzles, burners, condensers and many more.

Our Experience

We have a team of professionals having years of experience and profound knowledge about filters and filter parts. We offer top notch basket filter design. Our team members are well qualified, certified and trained to design and manufacture highest quality basket filters.

Lower cost

This is the exclusivity of our services! Customers can get finest quality basket filets at much lower costs than any other manufacturers. Thus, we help customers not only to reduce purchase costs but also to save on operational costs.

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