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Tee Strainers are popular in Refineries to remove sludge in pump suction lines. They are mainly butt weld ends and easy in removing screen for cleaning.

Tee strainer is fabricated from pipes & plates or standard equal tee & WNRF flanges. Filter elements are made of stainless steel perforated sheet or wire mesh supported by perforated sheet. In tee type strainer many times a structural skeleton made of flats and round bar is used to support the wire mesh. Tee Type Strainers are a low cost solution to large nominal bore straining requirements Tee strainers feature either bolted cover or quick opening covers for application suitability.

Tee-type strainers are designed to remove particles from pipelines where a compact accessible strainer is needed for protection of fluid handling systems. Further the use of custom assembled micron meshes and screens also ensures in them optimum functionality standards.


  • Pressure, Temperature Rating
  • 50kg/cm2, 300deg C
  • M O C
  • CS / SS 304 / SS 316 / PP
  • Size and Range
  • 80 NB to 1000NB and Mesh from 10 to 6000 microns
  • Process Connection
  • Any International Standard

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